As a full-service architectural and interior design company, we develop concepts that transcend the boundaries of traditional design rules and modern aesthetics.



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Our Chairman

  /  Our Chairman

Mr. Farhan Abdulrahim Mohammed Faraidooni

Founder and Executive Chairman of SIDRA Architecture Engineering

Farhan Faraidooni, is one of the region’s most distinguished visionaries in the property development landscape. His extensive track record has seen him spearheading some of the UAE’s most iconic projects, encompassing luxury real estate, healthcare infrastructure, financial properties, town planning and numerous other roles.

Mr. Faraidooni also contributes to entities outside the property development domain, and has served as Chairman of the Board of Directors for Dubai Real Estate Institute (DREI), Executive Chairman of Sama Dubai, Head of Zoning at the Town Planning Department of Dubai Municipality Media Free Zone Authority (TECOM), CEO of the Executive Design Bureau of Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC).

Founder Message

A dream to build enhanced living spaces through innovative architectural and design solutions, and a great desire to make that dream come true is how SIDRA was born. Our company is built on our core values; teamwork, quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. These values form the basis of our activities. Since its inception in 2017, we have expanded at great speed and extended our services to regions across the Middle East and the Gulf areas. Over the years we have witnessed the growth in our team, developments in our infrastructure, and delivery of several iconic projects.

Commitment to our clients is ingrained in our company culture, and that has enabled us to deliver outstanding customer service every time. We think three steps ahead, to keep up with the emerging industry trends.

Future of SIDRA
As a full-service Architectural and Engineering Consultancy firm, we plan to expand into new markets, and tap into new opportunities in the coming years. We aim to undertake challenging commercial and residential projects, at the same time ensure team development in every department through professional training and cross-departmental collaboration.

I hope this website allows us to connect with you on a personal level, and help us deliver the right solutions.

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Farhan Faraidooni