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Our Methodology

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Our Methodology

We follow a proven methodology to find quick solutions, prevent waste of time and efforts and eliminate unnecessary actions.

Initial discussion: Our team meets the clients to understand the requirements, establish processes, timeline, and limitations, gather information about specific client goals and get clarifications on different aspects.

Assessment: During the site visit, the challenges and limitations of the project are identified. The possibilities and challenges are considered alongside the environmental, geographic, cultural, and behavioral context.

Rigorous research: Before offering design concepts, our team conducts extensive research on specifics to get clarity. All aspects both small and big are evaluated thoroughly.

Team Collaboration: When are teams collaborate they learn important things about the project from each other. Each member of our diverse architectural and design team offers their specialized expertise to collaborate on and cover all the facets of a project, from the concept design stage to construction supervision.

Customizable solutions: Our team comes up with innovative ideas to solve design and architecture problems. Client participation and feedback ensure desired results.

Project Management: The team is guided by senior leaders, and the project progress is communicated to the clients. Project managers oversee all aspects of the design and construction process and interact with engineers, designers, and contractors.

Delivery: Planning, design, construction, and other services constitute project delivery. The delivery process varies depending upon the type of the project delivery method. Timely delivery of the project is our highest priority, and we strive to achieve it.


By offering resources, training, and the appointment of competent professionals, we pursue excellence.  Specific objectives and targets are set for each and every department of our firm in order to achieve industry best practice. SAEC’s business is accountable for implementing this policy, and the professionalism and the support of our employees makes this system truly effective.

Our quality management system developed to comply with defined requirements are used to ensure the objectives are met and it provides a framework for seamless collaboration among teams.

The management system will be maintained to meet and exceed the requirements of International Standard ISO 9001 quality systems. Through the implementation and regular upgrading of our quality management procedures, the quality of our products and services are impacted greatly.