As a full-service architectural and interior design company, we develop concepts that transcend the boundaries of traditional design rules and modern aesthetics.



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At SIDRA, a huge part of our company is geared towards client satisfaction and scaling services rapidly to meet new demands in an ever-evolving architecture and construction industry. Over the decade, we have won the hearts and minds of our clients and partners alike. We continue our journey as a full-service architecture, engineering, structural design and construction firm in Dubai, UAE, transforming homes, offices, commercial spaces, shopping malls, and community centers.

Architectural Design
Structural Design
MEP Design
cost management consultancy
construction supervision management


Design, planning, and architecture are unique disciplines but they impact each other in several different ways. Our licensed designers and contractors, work with the clients closely to understand the requirements and challenges, while discussing all feasible solutions and alternate plans. Drawings and initial sketching starting with floor plans are prepared to accommodate client modifications and additional specifications. From the consultation phase to the final design brief, our team is always available to make tweaks and quick fixes, so you are one step closer to building your perfect dream property.

Architectural Design

As a purpose-driven company, we are focused on delivering high-quality outcomes for our partners, customers, and company. Architectural design is a highly creative process, where ideas and visions take form in the paper. Our brainstorming sessions among senior architects and new designers drive game-changing innovations, and pave the way for project success. After gathering information like land use, building code requirements and permits, the architects generate 2-3 preliminary plans for client review. The approved schematic design is developed to include other details and then the construction design is prepared. Our trusted relationship with consultants, engineers, contractors, interior designers, and landscaping professionals ensure coordination of activities.


If you are looking to integrate unique water/power conservation techniques, you can benefit from our superior MEP design services. A lot of clients across Dubai, UAE is saving money through our cost-effective and environmentally friendly mechanical, electrical, and plumbing design solutions. We consider MEP has the central nervous system of any building, and therefore we give special attention in selecting and installing these systems. Our MEP engineers ensure that your building is functional and comfortable.


As part of our structural design solutions, we provide a range of services including concept structural design, project study, value engineering, cost analysis and comparisons and construction stage analysis for both domestic and commercial projects. Our expert team consists of skilled and experienced structural design engineers, draftsmen, and designers who make your building stand upright defying gravity, strong winds, and other similar elements. Buildings structure comprising of beams, arches, piers, piles, footings, columns, joists, beams, slabs, solid masses not only determines the strength of the building but also its functionality and appearance. Structural design is one of our core services and we have the right expertise to assist you in your next construction project.


Our cost management consultancy services are designed for busy developers and owners who want to focus on other important decisions involved in construction. If you are embarking on building a project, you will come across a wide range of professionals like general contractors, engineers, plumbers, electricians, and several different cost estimations for each. This is where we come in! We provide fast and accurate cost estimation and schedules for every project phase, so you can make smart financial choices.


Any construction project, big or small requires strong
leadership at every step for smooth coordination among
different contractors. This is one of the most significant
services we provide at SIDRA.

• Ensure strongest levels of Control & Transparency.
• You can rest assured & let our team save your time,
money & resources.
• We guarantee that all the guidelines & safety standards
are met
• Guarantee successful outcome regardless of complex
construction projects.
• Ensure smooth coordination among different