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Phase 1 of Arjaan Hotel is now complete

We are excited to announce the completion of Phase 1 of Arjaan Hotel. Complete with innovative architecture solutions with a unique mix of design styles, the space will be a true example of brilliant futuristic architectural concepts. Thanks to the excellent teamwork and support from our client, we were able to complete phase 1 on time.

Phase 2

Our team is gearing up for construction of Phase 2 which consists of a cafeteria at the lobby area and a brand new office entrance along with the renovation of a multipurpose ballroom with its banquette kitchen. The ballroom renovation will combine modern elements that complement the existing charm and style of the hotel. Our exquisite concepts for the ballroom banquette will make this a perfect venue for any event.
New additions and the innovatively designed offices are sure to attract startups, SMEs, and businesses from around the area. Our project management team is working together with engineers and designers to deliver the best outcome.
Take a sneak peek of our work in progress

Ballroom renovation

Ballroom banquette & Public toilets

New cafeteria at lobby


Offices entrance